Alessandro Tomasiello, Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca
All \( AdS_7 \) solutions in type II supergravity, and their CFT duals

In M-theory, the only \( AdS_7 \) supersymmetric solutions are \( AdS_7 \times S^4 \) and its orbifolds. In this talk, I will first describe a classification of \( AdS_7 \) supersymmetric solutions in type II supergravity. While in IIB none exist, in IIA with Romans mass (which does not lift to M-theory) there are many new ones. Pure spinor methods determine the metric and fluxes without the need for any Ansatz, up to solving a system of ODEs. The internal space \( M_3 \) is an \( S^2 \) fibration over an interval. I will then propose the holographically dual \( (1,0) \) CFTs in six dimensions. It is conjectured that the \( AdS_7 \) duals represent near-horizon limits of NS5-D6-D8 systems in flat space. The new field theories arise as endpoints of RG flows triggered by expectation values on the Higgs branch of the \( (1,0) \) theory describing multiple M5 branes transverse to an orbifold singularity.