Carlo Maccaferri, University of Torino
Open string field theory and D-branes

I will give an outlook of open string field theory (OSFT), as a model for D-branes dynamics. This model  provides a new  approach to boundary conformal field theory (BCFT)  where, for example, Boundary States are build from open string gauge invariants. I discuss some elementary classical solutions and their interpretations as D-branes, in the bosonic string. Finally I present a recently discovered analytic solution  which connects any two given D-branes configurations. This includes solutions with higher energy than the starting background ("climbing up" the worldsheet boundary RG-flow), and multi-branes solutions which  dynamically generate Chan-Paton's factors out of a single D-brane. OSFT background independence from the initially chosen WS boundary conditions is achieved by shifting the string field on the classical solution, plus an elementary field-redefinition.